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The Voord Appreciation Society
Edited by Neil Hogan and Peter Beckett
Constructed one late tavern night after a pint of Ginne, guinee, er, that black Irish stuff.
 Take this simple test to find out whether you appreciate the Voord!
1. What information would you include if you wanted to try and convince your fellow Voordites that the Voord were the original Cybermen?
2. How do you spell Voord?
3. In which famous Doctor Who episode did the Voord first appear?
4. What is the name of the adventure that the Voord later appeared in?
5. What were the Voord made of?
6. What is inimical to a Voord?
7. Why is it not a good idea to go swimming on the Voord's home planet?
8. How many Voord's were there in their first televised adventure?
9. What other skills do Voord have?
10. What later Doctor Who creature do the Voord's most resemble?
11. Are the Voord's peaceful people?
12. In the first Voord adventure, how many episodes did the Voord appear in?
If you know the answers to at least six of these questions then you are welcome to join the Voord Appreciation Society!!! To join, simply place a link to this page on yours and feature this button

anywhere on your page. Welcome new Voord Appreciation Society member!
Last updated 1 January 1999
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This page last updated 1st January 1999