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Presented by Kristen O'Brien and Barney Harwood. Produced by Simon Hall

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Barney leaves a list of over 672 things on a video monitor for Kirsten while he hides from The Family, which turns out to be his own (voiced by Barney and Kirsten). Haha.

The girl with the balloon from The Family in Human Nature and Family of Blood is there - Lauren Wilson - and there's a couple of scarecrows on set. She's interviewed about her time on the program. We then jump to Barney in leg warmers and head band waiting for choreographer Ailsa who explains how the scarecrows should move.

Team Totally have to dress a set in Edwardian period style.

There's a smelling competition in which Barney and Lauren try to outsmell each other with some salad, an old shoe and some hay.

Then Barney gets a guest role in the animated Doctor Who production and talks with the producer Gary Russell, who also works on Big Finish Productions. Barney gets to be the voice of the "radio control voice". Barney asks David and Freema for advice but David jokingly says to the camera that he hasn't got a hope. Funny!

"Who Goes There" is a pigman.

More Infinite Quest

More questions for Lauren then a great interview with David Tennant about playing a human. He draws an extremely cryptic picture that is completely open to interpretation.

More choreography about the scarecrows then Ailsa suggests some behaviour for some kids drawings then there's a quick scene of Lauren skipping with the balloon from The Family. Another fun episode.

Totally Doctor Who

Friday 01 June
5:00pm - 5:25pm

Barney Harwood and Kirsten O'Brien look at everything Doctor Who, with exclusive clips and the next instalment of the Doctor Who animation, The Infinite Quest. There's a chat with the woman behind all the monster choreography, Ailsa Berk. Child actress and member of the Family of Blood, Lauren Wilson, is in the studio, and Team Totally take on a set dressing challenge.

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