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Presented by Kristen O'Brien and Barney Harwood. Produced by Simon Hall

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Totally Doctor Who 206 Episode Summary

The episode opens with Barney using an offscreen sonic rejuvenator and temporarily turning into one of their target age group with Barney's voice.

Then Kirsten gets to chat with Adjoa Andoh and Gugu Mbatha-Raw and they don't reveal anything! Though there is a cryptic drawing of what looks like balls floating around. (Return of the Yeti?)

Team Tardis and Team Timelord have to put together a magazine page, with some advice from Moray Laing, Magazine Editor.

Unfortunately the noddies of the children didn't correspond with what Moray was saying so, the editing seemed a bit rushed.

Who Goes There was a Sycorax.

Now this has happened before but I thought it might be a one off so didn't comment. But now that I've seen it happen again I've got to say, really guys, reading a summary of the previous animated episodes off a screen and trying to pretend that you're not, doesn't work. Just read it!!! Or assume we've all seen it. Or give text on the screen, or something!

Summary of Episode 6 The Infinite Quest

Interview with one of the guys from the Mill also named Barney. Outtakes showing actors looking at a stick with a green ball.

Then an interview with Trevor Laird which didn't reveal anything, then back to the results of Team Totally.

Then a great interview with Freema Agyeman, which, funnily enough, didn't reveal anything apart from Gugu's obsession with bree.

Then the best bit of the whole episode, a much longer clip from 42. Definitely worthwhile watching TDW for this.

If you've seen the David Tennant / Parkinson episode you would have seen an even longer, more detailed clip from 42.

So, lots of interesting things in this week but at a slower pace. Next week sounds exciting as the Totally Teams get to set off explosions!

Here's the blurb from the official Totally Doctor Who page.

Barney Harwood and Kirsten O’Brien look at everything Doctor Who in the new studio, situated right in the heart of the Doctor Who studios. Only on Totally are exclusive behind the scenes clips and hints at what’s to come in later episodes.

This week we meet the Joneses – we talk to Freema Agyeman aka Martha Jones, her sister Tish played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, her mum Francine played by Adjoa Andoh and her dad Clive played by Trevor Laird. We also find out about creating CGI monsters with Barney Curnow who worked on the Lazarus monster.

In Team Totally this week, Team Time Lord and Team TARDIS are set their next challenge. This week the teams take part in a challenge to design a magazine page.

Also jam-packed into Totally is the sixth episode of ‘The Infinite Quest’ - our exclusive brand new animated adventure for the Doctor and Martha voiced by David Tennant and Freema Agyeman that will run weekly only on Totally Doctor Who.

There’s a chance to win totally exclusive handprints from all of our studio guests and signed Totally Doctor Who tops – watch the show to find out how to enter and win these great prizes!

Totally Doctor Who

Friday 11 May
5:00pm - 5:25pm

Barney Harwood and Kirsten O'Brien look at everything Doctor Who, with exclusive clips and the next instalment of the Doctor Who animation, The Infinite Quest. There's a chat with Freema Agyeman who plays Martha Jones, a look at how CGI monsters are created, and Team Totally attempts to design a magazine page.

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