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Presented by Kristen O'Brien and Barney Harwood. Produced by Simon Hall

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Totally Doctor Who 205 Episode Summary
A funny intro with Kirsten carrying a scared Barney at the sudden appearance of a Dalek.

Nick Briggs was special voice guest, doing the voice of the Dalek and they also interviewed Eric Loren, the guy who played the human Dalek and Mr Diagoras.

If you've been watching the series you would remember that one of the teams had a member that really wanted to be a Dalek. Well, in the competition one person from each team gets to drive inside a Dalek and the kid gets his wish! (I had to wait until I was 25 before I got to ride in a Dalek, and that was thanks to the Canberra Dalek guys)

Thankfully, the Infinite Quest started early in on this episode. 

Back to Totally and it turns out that the creature behind the screen is a clockwork droid. "I think I can hear ticking"

Then on to the competition where the teams had to control a Dalek through obstacles. One person was the voice, one was inside and the third operated the remote controls. What a dream, huh? The three Doctor Who series controllers were on hand to give advice on how to control the system. Nick doing his bit helping with the voices.

Great fun!

A dalek handprint (suckerprint) for their wall of handprints. The only one in the world!

Jump to Kirsten chasing Daleks in New York. A couple of fans are taking perspective shots of Daleks and she tracks them down.

Then, fantastic stuff, Barney's in a QUARRY! WITH FREEMA! And Freema talks about the episode Utopia, set trillions of years in the future at the end of the universe. (I really, really can't wait for this episode. If anyone has a slashprint please make it available!!!)

Love the Kirsten and Barney team. There's a lot of energy between them and they play off each other really well. I hope they both come back for season 3.

Interview with the brilliant Nick Briggs. The kids get to ask some questions.

I thought that maybe this episode would feature the sequel to the story about Martha that was created in the previous episode. Martha was turned into scrambled eggs and posted to the Doctor to see if he could put her back together again. There was no conclusion to that story so now we'll never know what happens! (There's probably kids at home right now writing to Totally to find out what happened to Martha)

A clip from The Lazarus Experiment which, once again, didn't really show much but it was a nice taster.

Oh, and throughout this episode Barney and Kirsten get to have a lot of fun playing with the Dalek modulator.

This was a fun episode and definitely an improvement on last week's episode. Even the Infinite Quest episode was a lot more interesting and had better animation.

7 out of 10

Totally Doctor Who

Friday 04 May
5:00pm - 5:25pm

Barney Harwood and Kirsten O'Brien look at everything Doctor Who with exclusive behind-the-scenes clips, and the next instalment of exclusive Doctor Who animation, The Infinite Quest. In the studio is Eric Loren, who plays human Dalek Mr Diagoras, and Team Totally get to control some Daleks.

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