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Totally Doctor Who 203 Episode Summary
Barney and Kirsten are being shaken around in a motorway car from Gridlock as the episode opens. There's an incoming transmission from Martha Jones who asks what's going on? Barney replies that they've been captured by the Macra on the motorway as we get to see clips of Macra attacking the car. Love the Macra!

Martha tells them that they know full well that the Doctor and the Face of Boe have already dealt with the problem and they should stop messing about and get on with the show.

An excellent beginning!

Quick chat with Lenora Crichlow who played Cheen then on to a discussion with Russell. Nothing we didn't already know from trailers but Russell is taken to the Doctor Who Mastermind room where he will pit his wits against a British Doctor Who Mastermind. Great bit of humorous chemistry between Barney and Russell there. We don't often get to see Russell being funny.

Team Tardis and Team Timelord have to face the Foley challenge. This involves trying to put sounds on Gridlock. Very interesting to see how this worked. It would have taken a lot of time.

Back to Lenora and clips from Gridlock, then on to Who Goes There which was a Plasmavore.

Then on to The Infinite Quest.

Great drawing by Russell of an evil Scarecrow coming up in the future.

Kids interview Russell. There's a joke that Boe's secrets will continue on and that maybe there's a Blog of Boe out there somewhere!

Team Tardis win their third task then it is on to Russell T Davies vs Sam Johnston in Monstermind!

Of course Sam wins! The questions for Russell were almost impossible to answer!

A clip from Daleks in Manhattan then Russell tells everyone that the cliffhangar for that episode is fantastic. (If you don't read Radio Times, that is)

As usual, this episode rocketed along with plenty of stuff to watch and learn. Nice to see gorgeous Lenora being interviewed, albeit briefly. David was not interviewed in this episode, probably because he appeared in lots of clips from the show.

It was also great of Russell to make sure everyone realised that the Macra celebrate 40 years on Doctor Who this year!

6 out of 10.

Radio Times Blurb

Totally Doctor Who

Friday 20 April
5:00pm - 5:25pm

Barney Harwood and Kirsten O'Brien look at everything Doctor Who, with exclusive behind-the-scenes clips and the third episode of the Doctor Who animation, The Infinite Quest. Head writer Russell T Davies's Doctor Who knowledge is tested, there's a chat with Lenora Crichlow AKA Cheen, and Team Totally take on a Foley challenge.

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