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Totally Doctor Who 202 Episode Summary

Kirsten, Kirsten. I love the fact that Kirsten has thrown herself into her role of presenter by dressing up as a witch and really playing it to the hilt. Would Liz have done that? Definitely not!

Time laps camera showed exactly how complicated it was to put the witch makeup on.

This of course led to a number of jokes like "you really should take that off" when she already has and "Did you get the idea for the witches makeup from Kirsten?"

It was a makeup special and Team Timelord and Team TARDIS had to do some makeup on models and convert them to look like Peter the architect from The Shakespeare Code.

The monster behind the screen was far to blatantly obvious for it to be even worthwhile. Every 7 year old kid is probably thinking "Oh, there's no point in entering now, it's too easy" because it was a Cyberman!

In the tradition of rushing around the set Kirsten, now sans witch makeup, has a quick run about with David Tennant.

Part 2 of the Infinite Quest was just an info dump episode and really wasn't worth 3 minutes. It could have all been put into some words rising up the screen. Oh well.

Then a quick look at some prosthetics before moving to some flashbacks from series 1 of Totally showing scenes from Companion Academy.

We get to see the winner of last year's Companion Academy tour the set and speak with Freema and David.

Another surprise appearance by David who then does a handprint. He's had 3 separate minutes on the programme by this stage, in different clothes every time, and looking absolutely knackered. The first interview seemed to be late afternoon, the second the middle of the night and the third early in the morning. Kirsten acting her usually effervescent self was totally upstaging him the whole time and even jumped on his back, (obviously not being aware he's got a back problem!)

Wire effects are explored in the episode with Kirsten flying around as a witch at the beginning and Barney getting into the harness. Kirsten asks some detailed questions about the harness which turn out to be very informative and gets to have a quick fly around the set as herself at the end, just before an interesting scene from Gridlock!

Definitely an interesting episode of Totally Doctor Who.

Radio Times Blurb

Totally Doctor Who

Friday 13 April
5:00pm - 5:30pm

Barney Harwood and Kirsten O'Brien look at everything Doctor Who, with exclusive behind-the-scenes clips, more from the Team Totally competition, and the second episode of exclusive Doctor Who animation, The Infinite Quest. 

The Doctor AKA David Tennant drops in for a chat, there's a look at how the witch make-up was created for the latest episode, and Kirsten and Barney fly through the studio.

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