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Totally Doctor Who 201 Episode Summary
Wow, what an episode! Barney just rushes through everything at breakneck speed. The whole show is powerful, crazy, exciting and just when I thought it was safe to concentrate on my dinner up would pop another interesting scene/story/camera angle!

This show could have been so boring but Barney just throws his excitement and enthusiasm into it, making it the best Totally Doctor Who episode so far.

It starts with Barney dragging us through all the Doctor Who sets including him playing with the controls of the TARDIS (which explode, of course) Honestly, what young Doctor Who fan wouldn't love to be in Barney's shoes at that moment, and then they shock everyone a few minutes later by letting six kids stand in the console room!

Team TARDIS is competing against Team Time Lord to complete story boards of the first Season 3 Doctor Who script. We even get to see a cut away of a page of dialogue from the Smith and Jones script.

Then, of course, Barney shocks us further by interrupting Freeman in the BBC catering bus while she's having a buttie, and dragging her to the studio. All staged of course but well down, nonetheless. It's a nice touch to keep this episode rocketing along.

Freema and Reggie are thrown together - families back together again, while Barney rushes off to find David Tennant in the middle of filming.

I love this. This is exactly how I would have directed it if I'd ever studied directing!

I'm assuming that the Tennant interview was done at a different time so kudos to continuity to make it look like it's all part of the same mad half hour.

Rushing past the quick interview and into and out of the special effects segment, we see how the competing teams are getting on before leaping into the animated Doctor Who story - The Infinite Quest. Click here for the review - Infinite Quest.

Then the roller coaster ride tumbles you into a detailed scene of some witches from the Shakespeare episode.

Honestly, I was reaching for a much needed chocolate bar to get back some energy!

There are a number of additions which include a new companion for Barney - Kristen O'Brien - and a new "Who Goes There Bwahahahahah" competition which is basically a guess the silhouette of a monster competition. This one was obviously an Ood so they'll get a million responses to that one.

All in all a great ep and I look forward to the next one on Friday 13th. Hmm, a perfect date for looking back at the Witches episode!

Radio Times Blurb
Barney Harwood and Kirsten O'Brien look at everything Doctor Who with exclusive behind-the-scenes clips, a weekly competition called Team Totally, and the first episode of an exclusive Doctor Who animation. 

Plus, a chat with the Doctor's new companion, Freema Agyeman and her on-screen brother Reggie Yates, and explosions and special effects are recreated in the studio. 

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