David Tennant Totally Doctor Who 200406 102
Presented by Liz Barker and Barney Harwood. Produced by Simon Hall

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Totally Doctor Who 102 Episode Summary
The episode opens with balloons being put up to celebrate David Tennant's birthday (18/04/71)

We then get to see behind the scenes of New Earth with David and Billie doing the jump down the lift scene. 

This is followed by an interview on the sofa with David sporting a beard. We see segments from New Earth and Christmas Invasion.

The Face of Boe is on the set and there's a discussion about animatronics as well as a demonstration of what the giant face can do.

We meet some kids who have put together model Face of Boes!

We get to meet the contestants in the Companion Academy and find out what he Totally Filing Cabinet contains this week. (If featured on the programme they receive a Totally Doctor Who mug)

2 kids get to compete in the Who-ru competition with David as the questioner. He donates his personal Christmas Invasion script as a prize for the competition.

Anna Hope is interviewed about her cat makeup in New Earth. We get to see her getting her makeup put on.

There is a competition for viewers at home to win some prizes which include a signed photo of David, a signed personal script of New Earth plus a 10th Doctor doll.

We also get to see a preview scene from Tooth and Claw not played by any other outlet. At the end of the show David gets a birthday cake featuring tiny models of Liz, David and Barney made out of icing sitting on a sofa.

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