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Presented by Liz Barker and Barney Harwood. Produced by Simon Hall

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Totally Doctor Who 101 Episode Summary
Major Kickage offage! Noel Clarke is interviewed about his Cyberman adventure and gives a couple of things away including the  Doctor may know that his character's name is really Ricky.

Fan Interview
Interview with fans Tony and Tom who make fan videos about Doctor Who using chromakey interspersed with segments of Doctor Who's chromakey work.

Totally Filing Cabinet
Totally filing cabinet features special letters and contributions from kids around the UK as well as some surprise bits and pieces from Doctor Who which in this episode included a Sycorax spear.

Behind the Scenes
Segments from behind the scenes of the Christmas Invasion. Totally exclusive filming with David Tennant, Billie Piper, Noel Clarke and Camille

Who-ru challenge
Noel gets to compete against young Doctor Who fan Karen Mills (13) Karen is informed that Noel can bite his own toe nails!

The contestant has to gamble a prize that they value before playing. Karen brought a dragon that she'd painted and Noel brought along a K9 T-shirt that he wore while working on Doctor who. It ended in a tie breaker so you'll just have to get hold of a copy of the episode to find out who won.

Companion Academy
Companion Academy features a selection system with judges Jeremy Milne, Abbi Collins and Clayton Hickman.

Companion Academy Cadets
Jo 9, Jamie 11, Kyra 8, Alex 9, Louise 12, Adam 10, Chrissie 11 and Billy 9. The winner will graduate and get to go on the Doctor Who set.

More Behind the Scenes
We get to see behind the scenes of Noel Clarke holding the wooden chair rigged with explosives to set the scene for the 
attack of the Christmas tree in the Christmas Invasion.

They talked about the Tardisode episode then played the first few minutes of New Earth, a few days before the episode was screened on the BBC.

Sneak Preview
The episode ends with the Doctor Who trailer featuring scenes from  Season 2.

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