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Totally Doctor Who
A Children's Infotainment Series for CBBC. 2007 series presented by Kristen O'Brien and Barney Harwood. Produced by Simon Hall
Devoted to interviews, discussions, quizzes, competitions, behind the scenes and sneak previews of Doctor Who
Totally Doctor Who
Episode Guides
Infinite Quest
Season 2 2007
020407 Episode 201
130407 Episode 202
200407 Episode 203
270407 Episode 204
040507 Episode 205
110507 Episode 206
250507 Episode 207
010607 Episode 208
080607 Episode 209
150607 Episode 210
220607 Episode 211
290607 Episode 212

5:00pm - 5:25pm
Various Days BBC1

Season 1 2006
130406.Episode 101
200406.Episode 102
270406.Episode 103
040506 Episode 104
110506 Episode 105
180506 Episode 106
250506 Episode 107
010606 Episode 108
080606 Episode 109
150606 Episode 110
220606 Episode 111
290606 Episode 112
060706 Episode 113


See the left hand column for the 2007 Totally Doctor Who BBC episode blurbs and our reviews
Totally Doctor Who is a half hour infotainment TV series purely for children. The age group that this show is aimed at really doesn't get past 13 years old and I would venture to say the series hovers around the 8 year old level. 

Having said that, if you're a bit older, there have been some interesting interviews that have given away spoilers of upcoming episodes so I'd advise checking it out just for that.

If you've got 8 year old children, this is a very entertaining show for them and not at all patronising. Season 1 (2006) episodes included the appearance of a Dalek, a Cyberman, The Face of Boe and other monsters with demonstrations of the animatronics involved. It was presented by Liz Barker and Barney Harwood.

Behind the scenes 'sneak previews' of Doctor Who episodes, some cheesy special effects and the obligatory children's quiz game. Also plenty of competitions and prizes.

For example, episode one featured an interview with Noel Clarke (Mickey), behind the scenes from the Christmas Invasion, a couple of minutes from New Earth and lots of other Doctor Who related stuff like the Who-ru (Guru) Challenge and Companion Academy.

Episode 2 featured an interview with David Tennant so, even though he was filming the final episodes of season 2 of the new series of Doctor Who, he still had time to appear on the program.

The series returns in April 2007 with pretty much the same format but with an extra special incentive to watch.

Totally Doctor Who had been written off by many fans as just another kids show but this view has changed recently with the announcement that Totally Doctor Who in 2007 will feature a completely new Doctor Who cartoon. 

There are 13 episodes in all and each episode of the cartoon will feature part of the quest to find a lost spaceship. The series is called The Infinite Quest. 

This section will be expanded soon to include information on the Totally Doctor Who episodes for 2006 and 2007.

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