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Season 2 on BBC 2

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
160108.201 by Chris Chibnall
A very funny episode. Details soon!

230108.202 by James Moran
Beth, an alien burglar, threatens the world

To the Last Man
300108.203 by Helen Raynor

060208.204 by Catherine Tregenna

130208.205 by Catherine Tregenna

130208.206 by J.C. Wilsher

Dead Man Walking
200208.207 by Matt Jones

A Day in the Death
270208.208 by Joseph Lidster

Continued below

Something Borrowed
050308.209 Phil Ford

From Out of the Rain
120308.210 Peter J Hammond

190308.211 Chris Chibnall

210308.212 Chris Chibnall

Exit Wounds
040408 213 Chris Chibnall

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* Episode 1. Features a giant fish, fights between psychopathic rogue time agent Captain John (James 'Spike' Masters) and rogue time agent Captain Jack, steamy love making between Captain John and Captain Jack, and more revelations about Jack's past. PC Andy also returns.

* PC Andy will return in later episodes after getting mixed up in an alien situation.

* Torchwood will be premiered in the US at 9pm on the 28th January 2008

* P. J. Hammond (Sapphire and Steele) has written a very S&S style story for Torchwood. People are coming out of 1920s films and walking around as black and white people. There may be a 'Mr Shape' character that travels between movies. Very scary.

* Full qualified, Dr Martha Jones teams up with the Torchwood team to help solve some mysterious deaths in Cardiff and sticks around for 3 episodes. She joins at a time when everything starts to change for one of the team and causes a lot of friction. No sexy scenes for Martha but there may be a cat fight with Gwen.

* Richard Briers joins the series as a reclusive millionaire with lots of alien secrets. (Was he the mysterious bidder in that shoes episode last season?)

* Alan Dale (Neighbours, Ugly Betty, Lost) will make an appearance and take a strong interest in Martha's time travel history.

* Weevils are back.

* Other stories: A memory thief that dredges up forgotten memories of the team and a time slip tragedy from World War 1.

* More stories: Alien sleeper cells; a stranded creature being exploited by a circus; a soldier from the First World War.

* Anthony Stewart Head wants the Krillitanes to turn up in Torchwood!

* Jack asks Ianto out and their relationship continues to develop.

* Rhys, Gwen's fiance, will finally get to know what Gwen's job really is (even though this was said to have been planned to have happened in season 1)

* Ianto saves Rhys and Gwen from a vampire attack during their wedding ceremony. Rumoured that, just like in the Fantastic Four movie, they won't complete the ceremony.

BBC Press Release
Torchwood premieres on BBC Two in New Year

Category: TV Drama; BBC Two; Wales
Date: 03.12.2007

Torchwood, the award-winning drama created by Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies, bursts back on our screens in mid-January 2008, this time premiering on BBC Two.

And this time it's bigger and bolder with more fun, adventure and excitement for the alien-fighting team...

Captain Jack Harness (John Barrowman), Gwen (Eve Myles), Owen (Burn Gorman), Toshiko (Naoko Mori) and Ianto (Gareth Lloyd-Davies) return as the investigators delving into the alien underworld of modern day Cardiff.

In response to audience demand, younger fans will now have the opportunity of watching a specially edited pre-watershed repeat.

Roly Keating, Controller BBC Two, says: "We're delighted that Torchwood is joining BBC Two.

"We know from the success and popularity of Heroes that there's a growing appetite for smart, high-quality, sci-fi drama on the channel so Torchwood is a perfect fit.

"I'm also pleased to announce that, due to popular demand from families and younger viewers, we will be showing a special pre-watershed repeat so everyone can enjoy the new series."

Making a special guest appearance in the first episode is James Marsters as Captain John. He starred as Spike, the punk-goth vampire in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.

Captain John and Captain Jack go way back and have "history".

When he appears through the Rift under Cardiff looking for Captain Jack not only does he disrupt Captain Jack's homecoming but the whole team, city and world are suddenly placed in danger.

The new series promises an exhilarating mixture of adventure, heartbreak, humour and surprise and pushes the team's resolve and friendships as never before.

Firmly rooted in urban life of 21st century Cardiff, Torchwood's investigations into alien activity give the team glimpses of the 51st Century and the First World War.

They encounter alien sleeper cells; save a stranded creature from human exploitation; meet a tragic soldier from the First World War; and encounter a memory thief who exposes long-forgotten secrets among the entire team.

During the run Alan Dale (Ugly Betty, The O.C, Lost and The West Wing) makes a star appearance.

Another familiar face among the special guest stars is Doctor Who's companion Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) who appears half way through the series.

Richard Briers, Nerys Hughes and Ruth Jones (Gavin And Stacey) also appear in various roles.

Russell T Davies says: "This series pushes the Torchwood team further than ever before. They are joined by some incredible guest stars who are really going to cause waves. It's adventurous, thrilling and packed full of surprises."

Torchwood, which was shot in HD and will also be shown on the BBC HD channel, is filmed in and around Cardiff by BBC Wales.

BBC Wales Controller Menna Richards says: "The first series of Torchwood was a huge hit with audiences. We're extremely proud that it's produced in Wales.

"And its success is a reflection of the huge wealth of talent and creativity that exists here.

"We're delighted that it's returning to our screens for another series full of action, humour and excitement."

The 13-part series is written by Chris Chibnall, Phil Ford, Peter J Hammond, Matt Jones, Joseph Lidster, James Moran, Helen Raynor, Catherine Tregenna and JC Wilsher.

 Created by Davies, with Chris Chibnall as co-producer and lead writer, the first series which aired on BBC Three last year achieved the channel's highest ratings in 2006, with an audience of 2.5 million for the first episode, and peaking at 2.8 million.

There will be a new exciting online reality game and exclusive behind the scenes footage on

Torchwood is executive produced by Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner, Head of Drama, BBC Wales. The producer is Richard Stokes.

Images copyright BBC
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