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Everything Changes
221006.101 by Russell T Davies
Gwen Cooper investigates the Torchwood institute and meets Captain Jack Harkness who introduces her to aliens, alien technology and lethal colleagues.


Day One
221006 102 by Chris Chibnall
An alien obsessed with 'having' everything that moves, crash lands in Cardiff, much to the delight of the Torchwood team.


The Ghost Machine
291006 103 by Helen Raynor
Visions of the past come back to haunt the team of Torchwood


051106 104 by Chris Chibnall
Ianto's girlfriend Lisa gets a bit out of control.


Small Worlds
121106 105 by P J Hammond
Captain Jack gets to meet an ex girlfriend from the 40s, the team encounter an angry child with telekinetic powers, and people around Cardiff get ripped inside out by elemental creatures.


191106 106
Aliens stuck on earth are causing people in a village to disappear in terrible ways.


Greeks Bearing Gifts
261106 107 by Toby Whithouse
Toshiko gets a pendant that enables her to read minds. But is she being manipulated by an alien with its own agenda?


They Keep Killing Suzie
031206 by  Paul Tomalin and Dan McCullich
A killing spree results in the Torchwood team needing to bring back Suzie to track down the killer. But, after resurrecting her, she won't die.


Random Shoes
101206 109 by Jacquette May
Eugene wakes up dead and no one can see him, so he hunts down Gwen to get some help. Shades of 'Ghost' ?


Out of Time
171206 111 by Cath Tregenna
A plane of passengers from 1953 materialises in Cardiff


241206 112 by Noel Clarke
Somebody's using Weevils in fights. Owen is sent in to investigate.


Captain Jack Harkness
010107 112 by Andrew Rattenbury
Jack finds himself in the 1940s and meets another Captain Jack Harkness.


End of Days
010107 113 by Chris Chibnall
(minor cliffhanger)
The rift is expanding. Time and Space is affected.Creatures and people from the past and future and falling through, including all eradicated diseases. People are dying. A major character dies in this episode.

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