Torchwood - Out of Time
Episode 110 first broadcast on BBC December 17th 2006.


Owen, Jack and Gwen are waiting on a landing strip for a plan that has plummeted through time from 1953. On it are Diane Holmes, John Ellis and Emma Louise Carroll who follow separate stories within this episode. The Torchwood team must help them assimilate into the 21st century as there's no way of sending them back.

Diane is the pilot and a feisty flirtatious female from the fifties. Owen and Diane enjoy a passionate week of sex before Diane decides that she's going to try and make another jump through the transcendental portal. She's not concerned what time she ends up in but she definitely wants to try a new time and place. Owen is devastated as he's fallen in love with her and can't think about anything else.

John is an ex-retailer who cannot survive in this time. He's lost his family and he even tracks down his son who is dying of alzhiemers in an old folks home. He steals Ianto's keys and returns to his old boarded up home and proceeds to kill himself in the way that was done in the fifties, asphyxiation with carbon monoxide in the car. Jack stops him but John explains to him that he doesn't belong in this time and that Jack must let him commit suicide. Either way, he's going to do it whether Jack is there or not. Jack admits to him that he's out of time too, from the future, and that living here is just bearable. Jack understands that John doesn't want to start all over again. He just wants oblivion. Jack sits with him in the car and holds his hand as he dies.

Emma is only 18 and is extremely upset by the situation but being young she adapts quickly and even puts Gwen on the spot in a number of scenes. (NB: Emma was from the 50s, however, after reading a magazine on 'positions' she managed to use the expression 'sleeps around' pretty convincingly.) Emma goes to a nightclub, gets a job with a retrofifties fashion store, gets drunk with a couple of black girls staying at a boarding home and stands up to John when he was being overprotective. She heads off to London to start a new life.

This is an intense, emotional rollercoaster ride for most of the characters and the 3 separate stories are handled with care. Even so, make no mistake, this is a chick flick. There are no aliens, no car chases, no fight scenes and we've even got Owen being all emotional. 

The definite star actress is Louise Delamere. Sex scenes are always the hardest scenes to do in any TV show and even harder if you're a woman. These scenes were intensely passionate, loving and believable. But don't write her off as just good at giving great scenes. Her acting was flawless and her style was definitely a hollywood starlot from the 50s. Excellent choice of actress. I only wish that she'd been interviewed for the declassified episode too.

I was completely ready to give this one a 9. 

How many shows on TV show a euthenasia scene as powerful as that one?

How many science fiction stories have intense sex scenes like that one?

How many programs have people ripping open tea bags?

But then they went and ruined it by having terrible flashback scenes. Oh why oh why oh why do TV shows have cheesy flashback scenes?

And the style was of the flashback scenes at the end of that forgettable movie Mission to Mars. God I hate that movie. If I didn't hate it so much I'm sure I would've forgotten it.

In any case I'll still give this story an 8 out of 10.

Directed by Alice Troughton.

Torchwood Out Of Time Ep 10/13
Sunday 17 December
10.00-10.50pm BBC THREE

 When a plane which took off in 1953 makes an unexpected landing in present-day Cardiff, its three passengers are shocked to learn that they can never go back to their own time, as Russell T Davies's sci-fi thriller continues.

The Torchwood team, led by Captain Jack Harkness, helps the passengers settle in contemporary society, but this simple task has painful emotional consequences.

The cast includes John Barrowman as Captain Jack, Eve Myles as Gwen, Burn Gorman as Owen and Naoko Mori as Toshiko. 

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