Torchwood - Greeks Bearing Gifts
Episode 107 first broadcast on BBC November 26th 2006.

The episode opens with a lady of the night attempting to seduce a red coat in the woods near Cardiff town. The scene ends with a musket shot.

Flash forward to sometime in the early 21st century and the team are investigating a body found in the woods with a mysterious wound where his heart should be. The body had been dead for 190 years or so.

The investigation continues back at Torchwood but a few things lead Toshiko to realise that Gwen and Owen are definitely having an affair and goes to a bar to drown her sorrows. She meets Mary who knows who she is, where she works, what she does and everything else about her. Mary is an artefact collector and, like other online collectors, is interested in alien artefacts.

Mary shows Toshiko a pendant that enables her to read people's thoughts. Then she gives it to her and asks her to try it.

Toshiko plans to tell everyone at Torchwood about it but can't as, as soon as she gets in she starts hearing various negative thoughts about herself as well as details of Owen and Gwen's dalliances. She tries to return it but Mary convinces her to try it in public. Mary then seduces her.

Toshiko overhears the Cardiff shoppers thoughts and catches the thoughts of an estranged Indian man planning to kill his ex wife and son. She follows him and prevents him from doing it with a nine iron. Always useful to have about.

Mary continues to manipulate Toshiko by then suggesting that Jack is deliberately hiding something from her. Toshiko goes to try and read Jack's mind but can't and, interestingly, he feels her trying to do it.

She is then further manipulated by Mary who turns out to be an alien heart eater who wants to get her transporter back, a piece of machinery that the Torchwood team picked up from the burial site.

Mary also convinces Toshiko to let her into Torchwood and a stand off hostage situation ensues. Poor Yanto.

Well, we finally get a Toshiko episode. It's nice to see Naoko stretched a bit though there should have been more scenes of Toshiko and Mary in the bedroom. Disappointment doesn't begin to describe it when the scenes jumped from a kiss one minute to Toshiko gripping the doona to herself in embarrassment the next morning. On hindsight though this was necessary to be able to build the destruction of Toshiko's confidence in the world so that she is left crying and wishing she was dead.

I'm assuming this is because the alien wanted to have her depressed and broken so that she could eat her heart, but this idea wasn't really expanded on.

The discussion with Jack at the end was pretty cool. I assumed the reason why his mind could not be read was because of many different reasons - he's almost like the Doctor so he has plenty of defences, he's from the 51st century so he has his own protection, the 2 year mind wipe might have created a barrier - but Toshiko's reason was a bit left field and makes Jack more and more like Angel by Joss Whedon - "It was like you were dead or something"

9 out of 10

Torchwood Greeks Bearing Gifts
Sunday 26 November
10.00-10.50pm BBC THREE

Toshiko is given an alien pendant which enables her to hear other people's thoughts, as Russell T Davies's sci-fi thriller continues. As the rest of the Torchwood team puzzle over a centuries-old skeleton, the pendant forces Toshiko to question her commitment to Torchwood. Is her new-found ability a blessing, or a curse?

Toshiko is played by Naoko Mori.

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