Torchwood - Day One
Episode 102 first broadcast on BBC 3 October 22nd 2006.
written by Russell T Davies, producer of Doctor Who.
This is Gwen Cooper's first day working for Torchwood.

The team chase a fallen asteroid and Gwen unwittingly releases the alien gas monster inside. The creature takes over a jilted girl who immediately picks up a guy at the bar, has him in the toilet and when he reaches his peak, absorbs his entire essence. This is very similar to an episode of X-Files where a dead body was left. In this story we see only dust.

The Torchwood team track down the girl and capture her but her body is slowly being destroyed by the alien entity inside and Gwen must find a way to help her before she dies.

There's a great appearance of the Doctor's hand in a box (from The Christmas Invasion) which was only lightly touched on in the previous episode.

The girl escapes Torchwood using the hand as a hostage and continues her orgasmic killing spree heading from her ex boyfriend's place to her workplace, which just so happens to be a fertility clinic. Lots of patches of dark powder in the donor rooms.

The Torchwood team eventually catches up with her.

This episode was screened on the 22nd October on BBC 3 straight after Episode 1 - Everything Changes. While both episodes are related they're not parts 1 and 2.

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