Torchwood - Combat
Episode 111 first broadcast on BBC3 24th December 2006
Written by Noel Clarke (Mickey / Rickey from Doctor Who)


Owen is still depressed over falling in love with the girl in the previous episode and he has a hard time dealing with coming down from that high. Someone is capturing Weevils and the team must find out why. The group that is organising the capture of the weevils is very well-organised and quickly spots Toshiko, Jack and Gwen so Owen is the only one who can go in and investigate. (Ianto?) They also want Owen to investigate why someone's body was left in a warehouse.

Owen is given a cover story and investigates a real estate agency where he meets Mark, a property manager. With a bit of alien technology he taps into Mark's laptop, but Mark sees through his cover and gets him back to his place where he brainwashes Owen into believing that everything in life can be solved with a fight. 

Gwen is at home trying to get Rys to forgive her for having an affair with Owen. But she drugs him and he falls asleep before forgiving her. Then she goes back to work and has a good cry over pizza.

Owen opens a padlocked(!) door in Mark's apartment and finds a Weevil chained up. Mark shows him that he can beat up the weevil while it is chained up. Look at me, I'm tough.

Owen is invited to watch a fight club that features a weevil and someone who had paid 1000 pounds to fight. The body the team had found earlier belonged to someone who decided that he wanted the Weevil to kill him. Owen realises he has a way out when he is forced into fighting the Weevil and decides that he wants the Weevil to kill him.

Can the team save Owen from himself? Yeah, of course. They break in, close the club down, rescue Owen and let the ringleader of the group get killed by the Weevil.

Owen is extremely angry with Jack for letting him live. After he gets out of the hospital he goes to see the two Weevils in the holding cells and, for some reason, he can now communicate with the Weevils. So maybe he's absorbed something into his blood. This will probably come out again in Season 2.

Okay. Do you remember Babylon 5 - TKO? How about the movie Fight Club? Well, Combat contains elements of both. I happen to absolutely hate TKO and really don't like any kind of fighting at all so I was against Combat before I even watched it. Even so, Fight Club was much better than this story.

In the eighties a friend of mine in Scotland told me he was really disappointed with Dragonfire as he was a big fan of the movie Alien and Aliens and stopped watching Doctor Who when he saw elements of the movie in that episode. 

I suppose in the 70s people were upset with their favourite Hammer Horror style characters appearing in Brain of Morbius. But really, this is the 21st century and they've got a teams of writers that could have made sure this was an original script rather than a rehash of a popular movie. 6 out of 10.

Torchwood Combat Ep 11/13

Savage aliens are being kidnapped from the streets of Cardiff and the Torchwood team is determined to find out why, as Russell T Davies's thrilling sci-fi drama continues.

Owen is sent undercover to find out who's behind the kidnappings and soon befriends the charismatic Mark Lynch. Beneath the veneer of normal city life, Owen discovers a shocking subculture, but can he avoid being sucked into it?

Owen is played by Burn Gorman and Mark Lynch by Alex Hassell. The cast also includes John Barrowman as Captain Jack, Eve Myles as Gwen, Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto and Naoko Mori as Toshiko.

There will be another chance to see this episode on BBC Two over the festive season. 

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