Torchwood - Captain Jack Harkness
Episode 112 first broadcast on BBC3 1st January 2007


Toshiko and Jack go to investigate anonymous calls saying that there are strange noises coming from a dance hall. They go inside and fall through a crack in time to 1941 just before the Cardiff blitz.

While Toshiko desperately tries to store her figures for Gwen in the future to find, Owen and Ianto are fighting over whether they should open the rift without the coordinates.

In 1941 Toshiko and Jack are caught up in the farewell dance for the soldiers heading off to war. Jack finds himself in a difficult situation when a Captain Jack Harkness introduces himself to him.

He later explains to Toshiko that Jack is not his real name and that he took Jack Harkness's name to blend into the world.

Jack knows that the real Jack will die in battle tomorrow.

Real Jack's girlfriend is very disappointed that he's not paying her much attention. But even Torchwood Jack doesn't work out that Real Jack is gay.

In the future Owen is searching the dance hall for Toshiko's figures but finds the missing cog for the rift opener. A gentleman by the name if Bilis Manger seems to exist in both times at once and is manipulating the Torchwood crew.

Gwen finds the electricity meter box unlocked and sees the first part of Toshiko's figures there. She finds the second lot written in blood in a can in the basement, but a few of the sine codes have been scratched out.

So Owen decides to raid Jack's safe and pull out the blue prints for the rift opening machine to get them back.

Ianto tries to stop Owen from opening the rift by shooting him through the shoulder. But he's too late.

Torchwood Jack and Real Jack end up holding hands then dancing on the dance floor. The rift opens and Torchwood Jack kisses Real Jack passionately before vanishing back to the 21st century.

Before everyone starts getting a bit purturbed about Jack kissing a guy on Torchwood, and I'm sure that most science fiction fans are pretty open minded, just remember that Owen was the first character in Torchwood to get a passionate guy kiss in episode one.

And Jack had his kiss with the Doctor in Doctor Who. Admittedly it was a goodbye kiss but, hey, it counts!

Now I wasn't expecting much with this episode as it sounded a bit run of the mill. Characters get caught in the past and have to be brought back to the present. Unless they were likely to be stuck there as in The Time Tunnel, there wasn't much else that was likely to happen.

But the surprise appearance of Bilis Manger, who seems to be able to come and go through space and time just by thinking about it, was a nice touch and I hope that we see more of this War Lord type character.

8 out of 10

Torchwood Captain Jack Harkness Ep 12/13

Investigating reports of ghostly music, Jack and Toshiko find themselves stranded in a packed dance hall in 1941.

In another high-octane episode this Christmas, Gwen, Owen and Ianto work to rescue their colleagues but not before Jack and Toshiko meet a handsome young American squadron leader by the name of ... Captain Jack Harkness.

Captain Jack is played by John Barrowman, Toshiko by Naoko Mori, Gwen by Eve Myles, Owen by Burn Gorman and Ianto by Gareth David-Lloyd.

There will be another chance to see this episode on BBC Two over the festive season. 

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