Freema Agyeman who plays Martha Jones in Doctor Who.
Starring David Tennant as the Doctor.

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Welcome to Doctor Who fandom Freema Agyeman

Freema's character Martha Jones joins the Doctor in the TARDIS in the 2007 Doctor Who series.

New: Freema has reportedly let slip that Martha will meet the Doctor on Mars during a fight with some aliens!!! So, it looks like the rumours are true and the Ice Warriors will be back!!! The Ice Warrior's last story was Monster of Peladon in 1974 and they were way too nice even then. Hopefully Russell T Davies will take us to meet the more warlike - aggressive terrorist Ice Warriors that we got to know in the Seeds of Death in 1969.

2007 - celebrating the first appearance of the Ice Warriors in Doctor Who in 33 years.

Amongst other characters Martha will meet Shakespeare, and the Ice Warriors

Freema also played a short lived character - Adeola - in the 2006 Dr Who Episode Army of Ghosts.

Freema is likely to earn about £80,000 for her role as Martha during the first year. If she is well received, she'll probably sign on for season 4 at a higher rate.

Freema Agyeman first well known appearance on British TV was in Crossroads in 2001. She played the femme fatale Lola Wise. After a huge amount of dance and theatrical work, including a stint as various characters in a stone circle play called Lords and Ladies in 2002, she then starred as Kate Hindley in Casualty and a short role as Jenna Carter in The Bill in 2004.

She played Mary Ogden in a couple of episodes of Silent Witness in 2005 before being called back to work on a couple of episodes of the Bill in 2006 as Shakira Washington.

It's been reported that Freema has been playing a Victorian Sleuth in the new BBC drama Ruby in the Smoke but it is actually Billie Piper who has the role in the Ruby drama titled 'The Seven Blessings'. Though, it may be possible that Freema is playing the role of Sally Lockhart in the second Ruby in Smoke mystery - The Shadow in the North.

Her appearance as Adeola in Doctor Who landed her the coveted role of assistant Martha Jones, making her the first black female actor to appear continuously in the role of the Doctor's companion.

Freema also performed a lot of theatre and dance in between her television roles.


About Freema Agyeman:
(How is 'Agyeman' pronounced? As in 'agitate' - which is what she will be doing to the Doctor!)

Born: London 1979. Currently 27 years old. 
(NB: Some news reports have stated 1980. At the moment we're not sure of her actual birth date)

Parents: Her mother is from Iran and her father is from Ghana

Our Lady's Convent High School, Stamford Hill, North London.
Radford University Virginia USA
Middlesex University UK B.A. Honours in Performing Arts and Drama
Anna Scher Theatre School, Islington.

Special skills
Skilled at various accents including Australian!
Theatre, singing, dancing, gymnastics
Martial Arts
Horse Riding

Islington Arts Factory member

Is listed in the Spotlight Directory care of:
(Janet Lynn Malone Personal Management)
259 Acton Lane, London W4 5DG
Telephone: 020-8747 8223
Fax: 020-8747 8286
E-mail: [email protected]

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London SE1 8DP

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