Doctor Who Series Episode Guide 2008
Celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Doctor Who TV series in 2008
Starring David Tennant, Billie Piper, Noel Clarke, Freema Agyeman, Catherine Tate, John Barrowman and Elisabeth Sladen.
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Yes, the trailer for the Return of the Cybermen. Thanks DoctorWhoGuy for Youtubing it
New Doctor Who Series 2008 Season 4

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Season 4
40S. Time Crash. A Children in Need Special starring Peter Davison as the 5th Doctor and David Tennant as the 10th Doctor.
161107 Approx. 7 minutes
Special by Steven Moffat
Two Tardises crash in the vortex and the 10th Doctor finds himself face to face with the 5th Doctor. They must avert a hole in the space time continuum the size of Belgium.

40X. Voyage of the Damned
188. 251207 - 40X 1h Christmas Special by Russell T Davies
A vague connection to Kaldor City and the Robots of Death. The Titanic crashes into the TARDIS just as it is dematerialising. The Doctor goes on board to find it is an interstellar luxury liner in the shape of the Titanic and full of Hosts, droids programmed to kill, kill, kill. Can the Doctor stop the ship from exploding and destroying the Earth? Starring Kylie Minogue as the Doctor's companion Astrid Perth.

401. Partners in Crime
189. 050408 by Russell T Davies
Donna Noble is investigating some strange goings on with the mysterious and powerful businesswoman Miss Foster and her diet pill company. The Doctor and Donna are investigating the same thing but continually miss each other. But why does Miss Foster have her own sonic pen? A comedy episode. And who is that strangely familiar blonde person who appears for a few seconds at the end of the episode then fades away?

402. The Fires of Pompeii
190. 120408 by James Moran
What has ancient Rome got to do with anything? A quick trip to Pompei with only hours before Mount Vesuvius is about to explode. Donna wants to save a family but the Doctor doesn't. And how did Donna end up as a sacrifice? Rock monsters everywhere. Russell says that the monsters in this episode are the most ambitious to date. A dark depressing episode.



403. Planet of the Ood
191. 190408 by Keith Temple
A trip to the 42nd century to the Ood's home planet. We find they're really slaves. The Doctor has to find a way to free them, but the Ood have had their own plans for 200 years. We find out what really happened to them to have caused them want to serve.

404. The Sontaran Strategem
405. The Poison Sky
192. 260408 by Helen Raynor
Martha contacts the Doctor on her mobile phone while working at UNIT. (Bring back the Brigadier!) and asks him to help fight a Sontaran invasion, before being captured by the Sontarans. (Bring Back The Brigadier!) The Sontarans activate their atmosphere changing device and increase global warming dramatically. UNIT can't do anything about it  (BRING BACK THE BRIGADIER!!!) and the Doctor has to make a sacrifice.

406. The Doctor's Daughter
(For once, I guessed the title correctly!)
193.  100508 by Stephen Greenhorn
The Doctor, Donna and Martha are dragged to a planet and within seconds of arriving the Doctor's DNA is sampled and a genetically modified, bred for war, 25 year old woman is instantly created from it. Donna promptly names her Jenny and helps the Doctor come to terms with the fact that he has a new daughter. Jenny is needed to help the Humans fight the Hath, a fight that has been going on for generations.
Martha is separated from the group and help the Hath in her own way.

407. The Unicorn and the Wasp
194.170508 by Gareth Roberts
The Doctor, with his plucky young gal Donna, visit an estate where several high class personages have been invited for tea. They meet Agatha Christie, played by Fenella Woolgar, and the Doctor quickly learns that this is the date that Agatha went missing for 10 days and no one knows what happened. Suddenly Mr Peach is found dead in the library with a piece of lead piping. As the body count mounts the Doctor and Agatha must find the clues to lead them to the killer. And what has a giant wasp got to do with it?

408. Silence in the Library
409. Forest of the Dead
195. 310508 by Steven Moffat
The Doctor and Donna land on a library planet in the 51st century that had been abandoned 100 years ago. The library contains trillions of books. The Doctor and Donna encounter dead bodies, data ghosts, the Suit Creature, Vashta Nerada (piranhas of the air shadows that melt the flesh) and archaeologist Professor River Song played by Alex Kingston. At the end of part 1 Donna is separated from the Doctor and finds herself in a mysterious hospital administered by Doctor Moon. 

410. Midnight
196. 140608 by Russell T Davies
The Doctor is trapped, alone, powerless and terrified, on the planet Midnight. Soon, the knocking on the wall begins. Only a woman called Sky seems to know the truth but as paranoia turns into a witch-hunt, Sky turns the Doctor's greatest strengths against him, and a sacrifice must be made

411. Turn Left
197. 210608 by Russell T Davies
Turn Left is the Doctor-lite episode as Midnight was the Donna-lite episode.
With a time bug on Donna's back, she gets to see an alternate reality where the Doctor has died and worlds fall apart.
Donna and Rose work together to bring back the Doctor's universe, but Rose has a message for the Doctor.

412. The Stolen Earth
413. Journey's End
198. 280608 by Russell T Davies
The Doctor and Donna go to the TARDIS doors to see that the entire Earth has been ripped from underneath them. Someone's stolen the Earth! (Again? Didn't this happen in Trial of a Timelord Episodes 1 to 4 when the Timelords moved the Earth?)

Davros and his new Daleks have stolen planets from space and time and put them in their own alternative space (D-Space?) in the Medusa Cascade to create an engine capable of dissolving all matter in all universes. The Doctor's Army must band together to save reality.

Penelope Wilton returns as Harriet Jones Ex Prime Minister and helps Torchwood, Sarah Jane Smith and Martha band together to contact the Doctor and Donna.

Features Rose, Mickey, Jackie, Sarah Jane, Captain Jack, Martha Jones as well as Donna and the Doctor. Gwen and Ianto from Torchwood and K9 from the Sarah Jane Adventures also make a brief appearance. It also features the Judoon and the Shadow Proclamation as well as Davros played by Julian Bleach, and millions of Daleks!

Caan timeshifted into the Time Locked Time War and rescued Davros just before he was destroyed. The journey sent Caan insane so he has remain chained up. He can see the future and predicts the arrival of the Doctor and the death of a companion. Davros used his own Kaled cells to create a race of new Daleks. Millions of them.

In Part 2 the Doctor regenerates retaining his current incarnation while sending his regeneration energy into his severed hand. With the help of Donna the hand regenerates into a half human Doctor and they, and the children of time, help to defeat the Daleks. 

40X2. Music of The Spheres.
270708 By Russell T Davies (7mins)
The Doctor is listening to the sound of the universe through the TARDIS harmonic system when a Graske appears in the TARDIS with the mission of jumping to Earth through a space/time portal that's opened up over the Proms on the 27th July 2008.

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