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New Doctor Who Series 2007 Season 3
Doctor Who first started in the UK on the 23rd November 1963 and ran continually until 1989. (There was a test screening of the pilot episode a week previously in a small area of London but that doesn't count!) Doctor Who continued in the form of books, stage plays, comics, magazines and audio adventures. In 1996 a US/UK co-financed telemovie burst onto our screens. It didn't rate well in the US so a series was never taken up. 2005 and Russell T Davies got the nod to bring back Doctor Who as a TV series. Woo hoo! 

Following are details for Season 3:

30X. The Runaway Bride
178. 251206 - 30X 1h Christmas Special by Russell T Davies
Donna, a bride to be, ends up in the Doctor's TARDIS. He tries to get her to her wedding but humanoid spiders from arachnos try to take over London.

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301. Smith and Jones
179. 310307 by Russell T Davies
Martha Jones is a medical student with an internship at a seemingly ordinary hospital called Royal Hope somewhere in London (Cardiff!) when suddenly all the doctors, nurses and the entire hospital are transported to the moon. She has to contend with the Judoon and a blood sucking plasmavore and some strange patient known as Dr John Smith.

302. The Shakespeare Code
180.070407 by Gareth Roberts
Martha doesn't believe the Doctor when he tells her it's a time machine so he proves it by going back in time to meet Shakespeare, the showoff! The witch-like Carrionites in Tudor, London, in 1599 have more than theatre on their minds though.

303. Gridlock
181. 140407 by Russell T Davies
Space saga in 5,000,000,046 featuring flying cars stuck in a 26 year traffic jam, strange creatures hiding under the roadway and the Face of Boe

304. Daleks in Manhattan
305. Evolution of the Daleks
182. 210407
        280507 By Helen Raynor
The Doctor and Martha go to New York in the 1930s and discover a plot by the Daleks to take over the city via the Empire State Building.

306. The Lazarus Experiment
183. 050507 by Stephen Greenhorn
Mark Gatiss plays a man of 76 that finds a way to become young again.Unfortunately his DNA transmogrification causes ancient genes to activate with fatal consequences.

307. 42
184. 190507 by Chris Chibnall
A ship is being dragged into the sun and the Doctor and Martha are trapped on board with possessed crew killing each other, and only 42 minutes to go.

308. Human Nature
309. The Family of Blood
2 part episode adapted from the book Human Nature by Paul Cornell
185  260507

The Doctor takes Martha to an English village just before the beginning of World War 1 (1913).  They have to The Family by hiding so the Doctor has to become human and disguises himself as a teacher named Doctor John Smith. The Doctor gave Martha a list so that she could protect him but there's nothing on it about Smith falling in love.

310. Blink
186. 090607 by Stephen Moffat
Quantum locked alien weeping angels are trying to kill Sally Sparrow but can a DVD Extra featuring someone known as the Doctor save her?

311. Utopia Part 1
312. The Sound of Drums Part 2
313. Last of the Timelords Part 3
187. 160607 by Russell T Davies

Note that this page includes part of the script of the first 10 minutes before the episode has been screened anywhere. Lots of spoilers.

100 trillion years in the future, at the end of humanity, the Doctor, Captain Jack and Martha encounter a stranger known only as The Professor. The Professor regenerates at the end of the episode into someone we know. Can you guess who?

The Doctor has an encounter with Captain Jack which probably includes a fight. The Doctor is upset that Jack is alive, he has trouble dealing with someone who should be dead.

Captain Jack returns for episodes 11 to 13

Harry Saxon becomes Prime Minister, and his reign of terror begins, in the penultimate episode of Russell T Davies's Doctor Who. This is only the start of his ambitions, however, as he announces mankind's first contact with an alien race, the Toclafane. An audacious plan, spanning the whole of time and space, begins to close around the Earth.

Don't read any further unless you want to read SERIOUS spoilers for the final episode.

Earth has been conquered and the Master rules supreme, with the Doctor a helpless prisoner, in the final episode of Russell T Davies's Doctor Who.The entire human race has been reduced to slavery, as the mighty warships of a new Time Lord Empire rise from the ashes. Only Martha Jones can save the world...
Season 4
Voyage of the Damned
188. 251207 - 40X 1h Christmas Special by Russell T Davies
The Titanic crashes into the TARDIS just as it is dematerialising. The Doctor finds that time is being manipulated by some spikey aliens called Porgs and he gets the help of a young waitress aboard the Titanic. It is about to leave on its maiden voyage so the adventure will probably continue until the ship strikes the iceberg. Hmm. Does this mean that the iceberg was really a space ship or that the invasion of these aliens actually caused the ship to crash? Can't wait!

Stars Hugh Grant as a Villain and Kylie Minogue as the Doctor's companion. Kylie Minogue is currently in Cardiff. Filming began in June.

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