Doctor Who Series Episode Guide 2006
If you've sent all your old Dr Who DVDs to the UPack pods storage facility, fear not! This guide will help you recall all the episodes of the Second Season. The new series of Doctor Who Season 2 features David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor and contains arguably some of the best episodes of David's time as the Doctor. Now you'll have no problem finding just the right DVD in your pods storage unit, assuming you labeled all the boxes! This season also stars Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, a role that won her the Most Popular Actress award at the 11th annual National Television Awards and Noel Clarke, voted Best Male Guest Actor by readers of Doctor Who Magazine, as Mickey.
New Doctor Who Series 2006 Season 2
Regeneration Prologue
pre167. 181105
A special 4 minute story for Children in Need that links Parting of the Ways with The Christmas Invasion and features the updated beginning credits. This may be combined with the Christmas Invasion on the video release.

The Christmas Invasion
(Other title: Evil Sycorax)
167. 251205 - 20X Christmas Special By Russell T Davies

New Earth
168. 150406 - 201 by Russell T Davies

Cassandra takes over Rose's body and helps investigate the disease farm run by cat nurse nuns.

Tooth and Claw
(Other title: Victoria's Secrets)
169. 220406 - 202 by Russell T Davies

Monks take over Torchwood House and release a werewolf with the plan to take over the world through Queen Victoria.

School Reunion
170. 290406 - 203 by Toby Whithouse

Sarah Jane Smith, K9, Mickey, Rose, The Doctor, and The Headmaster make a fantastic group of characters for a terrific story. The Krillitanes have taken over a school with a plan for universal domination.

The Girl in the Fire Place
171. 060506 - 204 by Steven Moffat

Another show to really scare the socks off you. Set in the ghostly time of 18th century France, the Doctor, Rose and Mickey end up meeting Louis XIV. The Doctor gets to wear some French finery while fighting clockwork droids from the 51st century.

Rise of the Cybermen Episode 1
The Age of Steel Episode 2
172. 130506 - 205, 200506 - 206 by Tom MacRae

The Cybus Corporation has taken over a parallel Earth with the plan to upgrade everyone into Cybermen. The TARDIS has fallen through a crack between dimensions and the Doctor, Mickey and Rose must prevent the Cybermen from destroying the world.

Who will be next for upgrading? Who will be deleted?
And how can Rose's father help?

The Idiot's Lantern
173.  270506 - 207 by Mark Gatiss

Idiot's Lantern is an insulting term for a TV set . An alien is trying to recorporialise itself by taking the energy and faces of human beings through televisions.

The Impossible Planet Episode 1
The Satan Pit Episode 2
174.  030606 - 208, 100606 - 209 by Matt Jones

The Doctor and Rose land on a sanctuary base and promptly lose the TARDIS to a quake. They find that the base is on a planet orbiting a black hole and that it has a power source that is stopping it from falling in.

Toby gets taken over by a Satan-like entity who seems very similar to a well-known Osiran named Sutekh (probably because it is played by the same person!) 

The Ood, meek servants of the Earthlings, suddenly become homicidal and start picking people off one by one by sucking out their brain energy.

"He is awake."

This two part story has been voted by many as the best of the entire new series of Doctor Who (including all seasons and specials). Watch it on a big screen if you can.

Love & Monsters
175. 170606 - 210 by Russell T Davies

Elton, a Doctor fan, is trying to find out more information about his past. He creates this video diary about his life with a focus on his connection with the Doctor. Features the appearance of the Absorbaloff. A comedy episode of sorts. Stars Peter Kay as the 'villain' Victor Kennedy.

Fear Her
176. 240606 - 211 by Matthew Graham

The Doctor and Rose land in 2012 London to catch the Olympics but are distracted by a strange girl with Unearthly Powers in the Estate.

Army of Ghosts Episode 1
Doomsday Episode 2
177. 010706 - 212, 080706 - 213 Episode 2 by Russell T Davies

Major war between Earth and the Daleks, with Time and Space fracturing. The Cybermen have found a way to cross the parallel dimensions and using the Torchwood Institute, start an invasion of Earth. The Cybermen attempt to align themselves with the Daleks but fail and war ensues. But will the Doctor and Rose be able to prevent the two Earth's destruction?!

This is the last episode of Doctor Who starring Billie Piper as Rose Tyler.

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The Christmas Invasion
and New Earth

Tooth and Claw, School Reunion
and The Girl in the Fireplace

The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
and Love & Monsters

Fear Her, Army of Ghosts
and Doomsday
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