Doctor Who Series Episode Guide 2005
This page features a summary of every episode of the 1st season of the new series of Doctor Who
Season 1 features Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor. Also starring Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, Noel Clarke as Mickey.
New Doctor Who Series 2005 Season 1
157. 260305. 101 by Russell T Davies

Rose meets this mysterious traveller in space and time known only as the Doctor and helps him prevent a Nestene invasion of Earth. Autons everywhere and lots of real broken glass!

The End of the World
158. 020405. 102 by Russell T Davies

The Doctor and Rose travel 5 billion years into the future to see Earth's destruction, and help save delegates and a space station from an evil human. Check out the humanoid trees.

The Unquiet Dead
159. 090405. 103 by Mark Gatiss
Walking dead, Christmas and ghosts.
Charles Dickens, the Doctor and Rose try to prevent the gaseous Geith from invading Earth in the 19th century.

Aliens of London Episode 1
World War III Episode 2
160. 160405. 104,  230405. 105 by Russell T Davies

The slitheen family have taken over human beings in strategic places in London. The Doctor and Rose must prevent these evil body snatchers from turning Earth into a slag heap and selling it off to the highest bidder.

Dalek Previously suggested titles: The Creature Inside, Creature of Lies, Museum Piece 164.  300405 - 161 by Rob Shearman

A Dalek has slipped back through time and has ended up in the museum of a rich collector of extraterrestrial artifacts in the US called Geocomtex. 

The Long Game
162.  140505 - 107 by Russell T Davies

Landing in the future in the year 200,000 the Doctor encounters a satellite full of news reporters being controlled by an editor, and a giant nipple shaped monster in the ceiling. The nipple monsters have a plan for humanity and have been slowly shaping their destiny for the past 90 years.

Fathers Day
163.  070505 - 108 by Paul Cornell

The Doctor takes Rose back to 1989 to see her father die in a car accident. She wants to be with him when he dies as no one was there. But she does more than be there for him.

Suddenly reapers appear bent on removing the corrupted time distortion, which means excising the entire history that has suddenly been created. 

The Empty Child Episode 1
The Doctor Dances Episode 2
164.  210505 - 109,  280505 - 110 by Steven Moffatt

It's World War II - 1930s during the Blitz - and deadly DNA rewriting nanogenes have escaped from a crashed interstellar ambulance.

People are transforming into a strange identical version of the injuries of a child, right down to the gas mask and explosion damage.

The Doctor and Rose meet an interesting character by the name of Captain Jack who is an 'intergalactic rogue'. He also turns out to be a time traveller from the 51st century. He becomes a short term travelling companion during this episode.

Boom Town
(Previous suggested title: Survivor)
165.  040605 - 111 by Russell T Davies

The Doctor, Rose and Jack arrive back on Earth in Cardiff 2006 and meet up with Mickey.

Maggie the Slitheen has survived and is mayor of Cardiff. She's trying to escape Earth by building a nuclear power plant over the rift.

The Doctor unmasks her and the Scooby Gang foil her plans "And I would have succeeded too if it wasn't for those meddling kids"

They plan to take her back to her home planet but she will be put to death if she returns. The episode explores the Doctor and Margaret's killer instincts.

Bad Wolf Episode 1
Parting of the Ways Episode 2
166.  110605 - 112, 180605 - 113 by Russell T Davies

The Doctor, Rose and Jack are trapped in the year 200,100 in game shows. They finally escape to find that the Daleks are about to invade the Earth. Will the Doctor finally find out the secret of the Bad Wolf corporation? The Daleks are finally defeated, of course! But not without great cost. The Doctor must lose one of his lives. This is the first episode to feature the 10th Doctor David Tennant.
Bowing to pressure I have updated the numbers of the stories so that Dimensions in Time and the Curse of Fatal Death are not included.

Rose, The End of the World
The Unquiet Dead

Aliens of London, World War Three Dalek

The Long Game, Father's Day, The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances

Boom Town, Bad Wolf
Parting of the Ways
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