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Doctor Who Mindwarp The Trial of a Time Lord by Philip Martin

ISBN 0426203356 Target Book Number 139

Hello and welcome to Mindwarp Search. A single page devoted to the chequered history behind the distribution of the target novelisation - Doctor Who: Mindwarp

Published in 1989 Mindwarp was distributed to eager Doctor Who fans around the world.

Except Australia.

During 1989 Gordon and Gotch, the previous distributors in Australia of Doctor Who target novelisations, sold the rights to Hodder and Stoughton. During the transition period, Hodder did not order certain titles. Doctor Who - Mindwarp was one of them. 

As far as I know Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney and Minotaur books in Melbourne were the only shops in Australia to order Mindwarp in.

Galaxy Bookshop ordered a very large quantity. I remember going into the shop when it was on Castlereagh street in Sydney, and seeing several shelves of pristine copies of Mind Warp .  I didn't have a chance to buy it then. It was at the import price so I planned to wait until it came out in shops at about $5 less. It didn't happen. I didn't see Mindwarp anywhere. It took me a year or two to find someone who was willing to sell their copy so that I could complete my collection.

Thankfully I completed my collection in 1992. By 1995, of course, I realised that I hadn't been the only one searching for this elusive title.

In 1996 I heard of a convention in New Zealand where Mindwarp sold for $NZ124. About $AU110.

There was money in them thar Mindwarps I realised.

And so,

Mindwarp Search

Administered by Neil Hogan

was born.

I have put together this special page for those of you who wish to complete your collections of Target Novelisations by buying Mindwarp. I have become a dealer in only this title. If you are looking for other target novelisations feel free to email me. I may be able to offer the one you're looking for for about $AU50.

Here are the suggested values of Mindwarp as of July 2002. This is how much you can sell them for based on selling prices at various clubs around Australia. These are also the prices that I am selling them for.

Doctor Who Mindwarp The Trial of a Time Lord

by Philip Martin . Target Novelisation For Sale!

Guide to conditions and prices. See below if any are available.

Sorry, Completely Sold Out at this Website.
Available at Amazon here

Well I hope this helped you in your search for the rare Doctor Who Mindwarp Target book.

Best of luck

Neil Hogan

Doctor Who Mindwarp The Trial of a Time Lord by Philip Martin

Accused of 'crimes against the inviolate laws of evolution', the Doctor is on trial for his life.

The sinister prosecutor, the Valeyard, presents the High Council of Time Lords with the second piece of evidence against the Doctor: a dramatic adventure on the planet Thoros-Beta which led to the renegade Time Lord's summons to the Court of Enquiry.

But as the Doctor watches the scenes on the Matrix he is puzzled by what he sees - his behaviour is not as he remembers. Only one thing is certain: on the evidence of the Matrix the Doctor is surely guilty as charged...

P.S.2. Just in case you're wondering why I'm not consistant in my mentioning of the title of Mind Warp on this page, search engines need to look for every variance. I'm an internet marketer so this page has been designed to be found by most of the search engines out there. Use these skills to create your own!!! :) That includes those looking for the author spelt as Phillip Martin !

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