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Percy James Patrick Kent-Smith was born in Dunoon, in Scotland on 20th August 1943. He trained to be a priest (at the age of 12!) but then changed his mind and became an insurance salesman. He later worked at the box office of The Roundhouse, a prominent theatre in Scotland.

He was discovered by Ken Campbell and became part of the Ken Campbell Roadshow. Ferrets were his speciality and really, when you think of ferrets down your trousers, you think of Sylvester McCoy. (Though in the Ken Campbell Roadshow he was known as Sylveste McCoy) He was also very good at hammering nails into his nose.

His most famous television role as the Doctor in Doctor Who occurred from 1987-1989 but he reprised the role in the 1993 special Dimensions in Time and again in the 1996 telemovie, officially handing the reigns of the Doctor to Paul McGann.

As he was, in the minds of many fans, the Doctor from 1987 until 1996, the 7th Doctor character that he helped create was used in many comics, books, audios and toys, making him one of the longest serving Doctors. (In 2005 Paul McGann became another of the longest serving Doctors for similar reasons, even though he only appeared in one official TV movie, as copius books, audio dramas, comics and toys followed. Both Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann were officially current Doctors for 8 years 9 months each.)

Sylvester frequently appears at conventions and is the consummate guest, not only having plenty of stories to tell but also plenty of tricks to perform.

His most recent Doctor Who related theatrical appearance in Australia and New Zealand was in a stage play called Inside the TARDIS where he talked about his experience on Doctor Who with Colin Baker and Katy Manning. He performed several vaudeville acts and signed autographs afterwards for the fans. He has since been back to Australia in Hamlet and for a miniconvention in Sydney.

While many fans of Doctor who suggest that the 24th season was the most dire in the programme's history, we have the producers, directors and writers to take some of the blame. With Seasons 25 and 26 Sylvester proved that if you have a great script, director and budget, the skills of the actors will shine through.

Sylvester is still on the theatre circuit and still records Doctor Who audio adventures for Big Finish. He has no plans of retiring anytime soon.

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Death Comes to Time CD
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Below is a list of his appearances to date with links to more information.

Sylvester McCoy's Filmography
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Paradise Towers  NTSC - PAL
Delta and the Bannermen  NTSC - PAL
Dragonfire  NTSC - PAL
Remembrance of the Daleks  NTSC - PAL - DVD
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy  NTSC - PAL
The Happiness Patrol  NTSC - PAL
Silver Nemesis  NTSC - PAL
Battlefield  NTSC - PAL
Ghostlight  NTSC - PAL
Curse of Fenric  NTSC - PAL - DVD
Survival  NTSC - PAL
Doctor Who Telemovie '96   DVD - NTSC - PAL
Bidding Adieu   NTSC - PAL
I Was a Doctor Who Monster   NTSC - PAL
Doctors, 30 Years of Time Travel & Beyond DVD - PAL
The Airzone Solution  NTSC - PAL
The Zero Imperative  NTSC - PAL
More than 30 years in the TARDIS  NTSC - PAL
Doctor Who: Then and Now
Search Out Science
Adventures in Space and Time
Dimensions in Time
Do you have a license to save this planet?
Daleks/Chase narrated by S McCoy - NTSC - PAL
Destiny of the Doctors Game
100 Greatest TV Characters
Resistance is Useless
The Story of Doctor Who 
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Light in Dark Places
The 100 Greatest Kids TV Shows
Still Game
Hell's Kitchen
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The Foot Doctor
The Mumbo Jumbo 
See It Saw It 
The History of Tom Jones  NTSC - PAL
Beyond Fear 
Leapin' Leprechauns  NTSC - PAL
Spellbreaker, Secret of the Leprechauns NTSC - PAL
Leapin' Leprechauns II NTSC - PAL
Thrill Kill Video Club 
Three Kinds of Heat  NTSC - PAL
The Last Place on Earth 
All the Fun of the Fair 
The Secret Policeman's Ball  NTSC - PAL
Dracula DVD
Big Jim and the Figaro Club 
Tiswas (Not sure which volume, if any 123)
Today is Saturday, Wake up Smiling 
Vision On 
Space Cadets 

Frank Stubbs Promotes 
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