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This site was constructed
using several guest books
from GuestWorld. If you'd
like to construct something
similar, click on the image.
You've tried the basic singles.
You've tired of asking stats in rec.arts.
You're looking for a friend (or maybe something more)
with like-minded interests.
Then this is the page for you!
Leave your email address and a message about yourself.
Keep it short, sweet and inventive.
Or just read what's currently here.
And, yes, this site is completely FREE!!!

A short guide to using this sort of thing.

Doctor Who fans or an interest in Doctor Who only. Yes, you can be a devout Star Trek fan or any other science fiction/fantasy/horror fan and post here but you must LIKE Doctor Who too!
If you're worried that you may get a psycho contacting you from leaving your message here, or be spammed by businesses, why not create a virtual email at Yahoo! It's free. Use it to screen your new epals and let the ones you decide on know your real email address. And if you are responding to someone with a yahoo address, don't feel offended. It could be the only address they have!!! :)

Legal stuff:

All messages are checked within a couple of days and any strongly offensive ones will be removed.
The webmaster takes no responsibility for any problems arising from using this site. Opinions and information expressed herein do not necessarily mean that they have been condoned by the webmaster.
Since 7th August 1998.

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