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Doctor Who - The Sirens of Timeicon
Written and directed by NICHOLAS BRIGGS (author and actor), this new dramatisation features music and sound effects from the long-running series. Briggs has taken advantage of the flexibility of the audio format to create a story with an epic feel, taking the listener from the harsh swamps of a distant alien planet to the confined drama of a World War I German U-boat, to the futuristic splendour of the Starcruiser Edifice and finally on to the Doctor's home planet, Gallifrey. Sylvester McCoy is in episode 1 of the four-parter; Peter Davison in episode 2; Colin Baker in episode 3; and all three performers in the final chapter.
Doctor Who - Phantasmagoria A thriller taking place during Season 21 which sees the Doctor and Turlough land in 18th century London, where someone is terrorising the higher echelons of society using apparently paranormal means. What is the secret of the screaming walls? Why are the patrons of the Diablo Club disappearing after losing at cards to the charming Sir Nikolas Valentine? And what is the connection with the charming highwayman Lovemore? 
Doctor Who - Whispers of Terroricon The Doctor is accused of murder at the far future Museum of Aural Antiquities, where the personal recordings of the late
actor-turned-politician Visteen Krane have been stored. A pair of mercenaries break into the Museum after hours, intending to alter Krane's recordings. But why? When the killings begin, the local police find two very obvious suspects who cannot account for their presence in the museum, and the Doctor must not only prove their innocence, but uncover the real murderer and his highly unusual modus operandii... 
Land of the Dead
Hovering just above Alaska in 1964, theTARDIS picks up some strange energy emissions of a type the Doctor and Nyssa cannot make head nor tail of. Before they can try, they are forced to dematerialise to avoid a collision with a light aircraft. But the TARDIS is apparently following a scent and takes them to the same place in time, but thirty years later. There they encounter a new kind of habitat, occupied by the obssesive Englishman Brett, Monica his interior designer and Tulung, the half-Inuit, brought up in America. Something in the snowy wastes of Alaska doesn't seem to want this new intrusion, and before long it appears as if the local spirits, revered by the Inuits, scorned by Brett, may be making some drastic attempts to erase Brett's structure and the secrets it contains from the face of the planet. If the Doctor can discover exactly whst Brett has been doing, he may find a way to halt the assault, but Nyssa seems to be "in tune" with the spirits - although she does't entirely like what she sees... 
The Fearmonger  The Doctor and Ace are on the trail of a monster that not only knows their every move but appears to be able to anticipate their actions too. The head of the far right New Brittania party survives an assassination attempt, but the Doctor suspects there is far more to the affair than the failed slaying of a politician. As he and Ace fight their way through the prejudices which blind everyone touched by a very particular monster, they face the prospect of the entire world being plunged into a bitter war of mistrust and mutual loathing... 
The Marian Conspiracyicon
Dalek Empire:
The Genocide Machine
THE DALEKS ARE BACK! "The Genocide Machine" is the initial chapter of Big Finish's new story arc, entitled Dalek Empire.The library on Kar-Charrat is one of the wonders of the Universe. It is also hidden from all but a few select species. The Doctor and Ace discover that the librarians have found a new way of storing data - a wetworks facility - but the machine has attracted unwanted attention, and the Doctor soon finds himself pitted against his oldest and deadliest enemies - the Daleks!
This story takes place after the television episode "Survival" Starring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor and Sophie Aldred as Ace.
Red Dawn
Brian Hayles' original creations, the Ice Warriors, return to DOCTOR WHO in this four-part adventure by Justin Richards, the current commissioning editor for BBC Books. Here, the first successful Mars landing mission uncovers evidence that an amazing civilisation once lived below the
planet's surface . . . and the Fifth Doctor and Peri must investigate! 
The Spectre of Lanyon Moor
Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart... he's one of
the most popular characters in Doctor Who history, and he's back! And ("Dimensions in Time" notwithstanding) he at long last makes an appearance alongside Colin Baker'sSixth Doctor. Maggie Stables also returns for her second adventure as new companion Evelyn Smythe.
Winter for the Adept
Dalek Empire: 
The Apocalypse Element
The Fires of Vulcan
The Mutant Phase
The Holy Terror
Storm Warning
Sword of Orion
The Stones of Venice
Minuet in Hell
Loups-Garoux . .
BloodTide . .
Dark Rising . .
Dust Breeding . .
Werelings (?) . .
Colditz . .
The One Doctor . .
Project Twilight . .
Benny CD'sicon . .
Oh No It Isn'ticon
What could possibly go wrong on Professor
Bernice Summerfield's investigation into the lost
civilisation of Perfection? Nothing, it seems -
until they leave the planet and spot a dirty great
missile heading towards their ship. But instead
of oblivion, Benny finds herself plunged into the
strange world of - panto. 
Beyond The Sunicon
Bernice Summerfield has drawn the short straw. Not for her the pleasures of intergalactic conferences and highbrow lecture tours. Oh no. She's forced to take two overlooked freshers on their very first dig. And just when it seems things can't get any worse, her no-good
ex-husband Jason turns up, claiming that he is in deadly danger. Benny finally begins to believe his wild claims, but unfortunately only after he has been kidnapped from his hotel room. Feeling guilty, she sets out to rescue him. Well, let's face it, no one else is going to. Her only clue is a dusty artefact that Jason claimed was part of an ancient and powerful weapon. But Professor Bernice Summerfield PhD knows that's just silly nonsense. She's been an
archaeologist long enough to know that lost alien civilisations do not leave their most powerful weapons lying around for any nutter to
find. Do they? Once again Benny is all that stands between Jason and his own mistakes, as she tries to prevent the wrong people acquiring this terrible and somewhat unlikely weapon - a weapon
rumoured to have powers beyond the sun. 
Walking to Babylonicon
"I'M SCARED OF LETTING ALL THESE PEOPLE DOWN. AT LEAST IF I GET BLOWN UP AS WELL, THEY CAN SAY I DIED HEROICALLY. ASSUMING I EVER EXISTED AT ALL." The People are one of the most technologically advanced races in the Universe - except in the area of time travel. Professor Bernice Summerfield has a time ring. So does her ex-husband Jason Kane. Trouble is, they're their wedding rings, and they won't work unless they're together. Benny is surprised when Jason turns up to visit her at St Oscar's, especially when she discovers that he has brought one of the People with him. She should have guessed that her good-for-nothing ex wasn't just interested in her company... Using the time rings, two People create a Time Path and travel back to ancient Babylon, taking an unwilling Jason with them. Benny has just 48 hours to find them and rescue her errant husband, before the People back in the 26th
century send a singularity bomb to destroy the Path - and Babylon. But someone else has discovered the Path and walked to Babylon - Edwardian time-sensitive John Lafayette. And Benny discovers her mission has a complication that she never dreamed of - romance. 
Summerfield is trapped in early 20th Century London, with only one of the pair of time rings she needs to get home. At the other end of time, her ex-husband Jason Kane finds himself stranded on a dead world, where the queen of the Charrl demands his help to save her dying race. But all he wants to do is find Benny, and return to the 26th Century. In the East End a series of grisly murders has been committed - is this the work of the legendary Springheel Jack or, as Benny suspects, something even more sinister? Allied with a Russian detective, she determines to find out. But the master of a grand order of sorcerers has other plans for her...
Just War
The Nazis occupy British soil and British citizens are being deported to European concentration camps. Those who do not co-operate with the Germans are shot. 
This isn't a parallel universe: this is Guernsey, 1941, and it's where Bernice is stranded. With no sign of Jason, she has to endure the full horror of the situation, alone and afraid. 
And something, somewhere has gone wrong. The Nazis are building a secret weapon, one that will have a decisive effect on the outcome of the war - and it's up to Benny to put history back on course... 
Dragons Wrath
The Gamalian Dragon ­ a jewel-encrusted statuette captured by the warlord Gamaliel from the legendary Knights of Jeneve after the Battle of Bocaro. It is now sought by Romolo Nusek, apparently Gamaliel's descendent, to prove his right to assume his ancestor's mantle as ruler of the Sector. When Benny joins a group seeking to find the legendary stauette, she hs a secret. No one can possibly find one on Stanturus because she's already carrying it ­ left for her by a murdered colleague. The trouble is, the expedition does find one and, as a result, most of them are mysteriously slaughtered. Benny relises she and historian Nicholas Clyde must discern the traitor in their midst. Could it be Gilder, the obsequious administrator from Benny's own universiy? Could it be Truby Kamadrich, the famous archaologist? Or might it be the bizarre librarian Reddick, who never leaves Nusek's vaults, protected by an inhospitable volcano?
Buried Treasure . Special release. No longer available.
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Destiny of the Doctors
CD Rom 
Currently unavailable
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