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available at Sylvester McCoy - The Unofficial Site
The first Interstellar Doctor Who Club! Link fixed!
The Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligent Doctor Who Fans
40 light years away there are aliens out there watching Doctor Who right now!
Help us find these interstellar Doctor Who fans!

Curse of Fatal Death
The Curse of Fatal Death was a Children in Need special starring Rowan Atkinson, Jim Broadbent, Richard E Grant, Hugh Grant and Joanna Lumley as The Doctor! This page features screen grabs, images and information about the special as well as links to how you can buy the video to help support Children in Need. Also starring Julia Julia Sawalha and Jonathan Pryce.

Visions '93 Doctor Who Convention
A Doctor Who Fan's trip to Chicago for a Doctor Who convention. Includes interviews with fans.

Doctor Who 2000
A short overview of the history of this 90 minute audio tapezine

An entry in the Big Finish Short Story competition.

Doctor Who TAVERN
Since 1993 members and friends of the Doctor Who Club of Australia have been meeting at pubs on the 1st Friday every month in Sydney. Everyone is welcome. It's called TAVERN and is similar in style to Fitzroy Tavern in London. This site chronicles the history of TAVERN and lists meeting dates for 2007.

Colin Baker
The Unofficial Site
This is a page devoted to the 6th Doctor, Colin Baker, who played the Doctor from 1984 to 1986. Features links to books starring the character of the 6th Doctor as well as links to Doctor Who videos and DVDs. Needs some updating,

New Doctor Who Time Ring
Several years ago the original Time Ring lost it's organiser. Fans rallied around the world trying to gain access to the old Time Ring site to fix problems and add their sites. For over 18 months nothing could be done so one fan gave up and created the New Doctor Who Time Ring. It is competely html based and is run through RingSurf. So no pesky java script to knock your site about. Since this was created the old Time Ring was finally resurrected and is doing quite well, but the company that hosts the old Time Ring has recently asked members to pay so, how long it will last is another story. Join the New Doctor Who Time Ring today!

Doctor Who EPALS
Meet other Doctor Who fans here. Leave your info to find DW epals online. This is a collect of guestbooks online where you can leave your details and people can email you. A very, very simplified epal site!

Other Science Fiction TV series books, videos etc. Babylon 5, X-Files, Red Dwarf and more. Needs updating!

Mind Warp Target Novelisation by Philip Martin. Buy a second hand copy here

Alien Characters
Short stories for children. In development.

The Voord appreciation society. 'nuff said.

English Articles
Okay. Not a Doctor Who site but a site created by a Doctor Who fan.
If you're teaching ESL, this is the place to grab ready made articles for discussion.

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