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Doctor Who is a children's TV series from the BBC featuring Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans and other monsters and aliens.
The Doctor, the main character of the television programme, travels through space and time via the time vortex in a Police Box.
Summaries, reviews and news on the new series of Dr Who, starring David Tennant and Matt Smith
Welcome to the Doctor Who Movie Page. If you've heard about a new Doctor Who movie rumour then you've come to the right place.

SyFyPortal, usually reliable, recently reported on the idea that there would be a new Doctor Who movie. Unfortunately the article > was based on an old Empire article written in 2005.

So any rumours you've heard of an upcoming Doctor Who movie are currently unfounded.

Russell T Davies has stated that he doesn't want to make any movies while the TV series is running. The next time there is likely to be a break for the TV series is 2015 so that will probably be the best time to do it.

Many fans would like there to be a movie starring Paul McGann, featuring Daleks and the Time War but, for the general public, and ratings, how will this work? For advertising and marketing, and to create a profit, if there is a movie it'll star Billie Piper and David Tennant as they're currently the most recognisable actors in Britain today. If it isn't going to happen until 2015 then it'll probably star Matt Smith with a confusing cameo from David Tennant.

So, at the moment, there is no Doctor Who movie in the works. As there have been plans for a Doctor Who movie since the last one in the sixties, I wouldn't hold your breath!

Here are the current rumoured plot summaries.

1. Doctor Who - The Time War
We see the 8th Doctor fighting the Time War alongside the Time Lords. Several Gallifreys are destroyed, as well as another couple of Skaros. The black hole that powers the Tardii disipates, its energy exhausted. The Doctor is the only one to escape, regenerating in the process.

2. Rose Tyler, Defender of the Earth
Rose and Torchwood on her version of Earth find a way to create stable wormholes between universes. While searching various dimensions she discovers the 10th Doctor in a war with the Daleks.

3. The Beginning
A man on Gallifrey dreams of a time when he could be free. He steals a TARDIS and goes off into the universe but there's a stowaway on board, his 8 year old granddaughter. He can't go back and there are vampires after him. He must find a bow ship.

4. The Four Doctors
The 4th Doctor has aged and is in trouble. He calls together 3 of his other selves and they fight the Master, the Daleks, the Raston Warrior Robot, the Cybermen and any other monster that can be pulled in until they can get time back onto the right path and return the Doctor to his youthful state.

5. Doctor Bond
With his gadgets and his talking console, the Doctor has taken a job working for the secret intelligence service of Britain. He must defeat a terrorist attack on Great Britain and, after much running, jumping, climbing and martial arts fighting, he shoots some terrorists, only to find they're really from another planet and the bomb threat was just a diversion.

6. Return of Doctor Who
A regular Doctor Who story but with a very young 1st Doctor. A showdown on the Titanic, and a hologram of the 7th Doctor appears and says that he had to restart the universe and only the new Doctor can save the situation now.

Hmm, maybe the 8th Doctor Time War idea is the best we've got so far!

More news as we get it.

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