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doctor who japan ドクター・フー
Doctor Who is broadcast in Japan on NHK BS2
Every Monday around 10pm with a repeat every Thursday at around 11pm

Billie Piper as Rose TylerDoctor Who started in Japan on 25th September 2006 with the first episode of season 1 of the new series - Rose.

It is rumoured that BS2 will continue through to Season 3 then repeat the whole series until season 4.

Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor Even though the episode is on late, Japanese usually work until at least 9pm anyway so 10pm can be seen as the peak viewing time.

The episodes are dubbed in Japanese but, unlike the Korean version, the beginning theme and end credits are complete.

Here are a couple of advertisements from popular TV guides during the first week.

Doctor Who Japanese TV Guide        Dr Who Japan Television guide

BS2 did not advertise the show much before it was on so it is unknown at this stage how much interest has been generated for the program. Also, most TV magazines promote the latest soapies and other popular entertainment like SMAP. Doctor Who has not been mentioned much in Japanese magazines. It will be interesting to note how this may change in the future as the style of Doctor Who is fairly similar to a lot of anime and manga stories currently available.

The fact that on almost every corner in Tokyo there is a Police Box (otherwise known as a Koban) and some of these places actually say 'POLICE BOX' on the front, is unlikely to have been lost on NHK. Expect some intergalactic police advertisements soon.

NHK has a Doctor Who page. You can find out more here.
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ドクター・フー | ドクターフー