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Doctor Who Send Ups, Jokes, Comedy Scenes and more.


Welcome to the Doctor Who Comedy page at

This is a constant work in progress as there are always new Doctor Who sendups appearing.

Variety shows love sending up Doctor Who and just about every comedy show tries it.

As there are so many, only rare ones or my favourites will be reviewed!

1. Firstly, Curse of Fatal Death, arguably the most popular Doctor Who send up of all time.
Click here to visit the Curse of Fatal Death pages

2. The second and most recent send up is one that was done by
The Chaser's War on Everything from ABC Australia in July 2006
Click here to find out more about the Doctor Who Tribute song and the lyrics

3. In third place we have the fun send up by The Late Show from ABC Australia.
This was broadcast sometime in the mid nineties. I hope to have the pages up later this year.

NB: If you're not the sort of person that can poke fun at Doctor Who or can laugh at yourself,
I don't recommend that you visit any of these pages as you may be offended or upset!

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