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Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death

A special Comic Relief Charity production.

The video release features interviews with the stars and behind the scenes shots as well as outtakes. It also features other short Doctor Who related humorous send ups including the Lenny Henry (the black Doctor) vs Thatchos sketch.

Dr Who and the Curse of Fatal Death
Starring  Rowan Atkinson, Richard E Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant, Julia Sawalha, Joanna Lumley, The Daleks and a special guest appearance of Jonathan Pryce as The Master. 

A percentage from the sale of this video is donated to Comic Relief. 

This is a four episode story created for Comic Relief that was rereleased on video as two episodes. The Master taps into the Doctor's control room and gloats as to how he will kill him. The Doctor can actually hear him and says that they should meet on a nearby planet as he has some news to tell his arch enemy.

They meet and the Doctor informs the Master that he's met the right woman and he's going to settle down and get married. His preventing evil days are over.

The Master is shocked and says that he will destroy him anyway. Various attacks ensure that result in the Master falling down a hole that leads to the sewers and the Doctor encountering Daleks.

Unfortunately in trying to defeat the Daleks the Doctor uses up a few regenerations...

This is such a fun story. I really can't praise it highly enough. Definitely the best Doctor Who story since Dimensions in Time. It features all the actors that people have said should be the Doctor in the 90s and it is great to see them finally get the part, albeit briefly.

Richard E Grant outshines even Rowan Atkinson with his 'lick the mirror handsome' routine and really should have a part in a Doctor Who story sometime. Maybe even an online webcast cartoon? ;)

The best thing about this video, of course, is that it is for charity. So I highly recommend that you get a copy before it becomes second hand.

Reviewed by Neil Hogan

PAL VHS from the UK

NTSC VHS from the US
Page 2 of these screen grabs is HERE
These screen grabs were taken from the web broadcast version.
The edited video release version does not have the phone number or the text overlay.
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