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Sylvester McCoy has made a career out of portraying popular characters.
Below are titles featuring characters that he has played in television, film and audio programmes.
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Due in December 2005 - Atom Bomb Blues
Algebra of Ice - US

Algebra of Ice - UK 
Colony of Lies - US

Colony of Lies - UK 
Loving the Alien - US

Loving the Alien - UK
Heritage - US

Heritage - UK
Relative Dementias-US

Relative Dementias-UK
Bullet Time - US

Bullet Time - UK
Independence Day-US

Independence Day-UK
Prime Time - US

Prime Time - UK
Storm Harvest - US

Storm Harvest - UK
Matrix - US

Matrix - UK
The Hollow Men - US

The Hollow Men - UK
Illegal Alien - US

Illegal Alien - UK
Other Titles
7th Doctor Handbook
Target Novelisations
Time and the Rani
Paradise Towers
Delta and the Bannermen
Remembrance of the Daleks
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
The Happiness Patrol
Silver Nemesis
Curse of Fenric
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some covers from 
the New Adventure
Book series
For more information on TARGET novelisations, don't miss On TARGET, the most comprehensive Dr Who Target information repository on the net
Telos publishing: Citadel of Dreams by Dave Stone
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