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Sylvester McCoy has made a career out of portraying popular characters.
Below are titles featuring characters that he has played in television, film and audio programmes.
Big Finish Productions Dr Who CD adventures with Sylvester Mccoy. Latest: 'Dust Breeding' & 'Colditz'

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Excelis Decays - June 2002
The Rapture -  September 2002
Bang-Bang-A-Boom Dec 2002
The Four Doctors Nov 2003
 The Shadow of the Scourge

Starring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor, Sophie Aldred as Ace and Lisa Bowerman as Bernice Summerfield!!!
 The Fires of Vulcan

Starring Sylvester McCoy and Bonnie Langford. The story takes place during the Pompeii eruption.
The Sirens of Time
Written and directed by NICHOLAS BRIGGS (author and actor), this new dramatisation features music and sound effects from the long-running series. Briggs has taken advantage of the flexibility of the audio format to create a story with an epic feel, taking the listener from the harsh swamps of a distant alien planet to the confined drama of a World War I German U-boat, to the futuristic splendour of the Starcruiser Edifice and finally on to the Doctor's home planet, Gallifrey. Sylvester McCoy is in episode 1 of the four-parter; Peter Davison in episode 2; Colin Baker in episode 3; and all three performers in the final chapter.
The Fearmonger

The Doctor and Ace are on the trail of a monster that not only knows their every move but appears to be able to anticipate their actions too. The head of the far right New Brittania party survives an assassination attempt, but the Doctor suspects there is far more to the affair than the failed slaying of a politician. As he and Ace fight their way through the prejudices which blind everyone touched by a very particular monster, they face the prospect of the entire world being plunged into a bitter war of mistrust and mutual loathing...
Starring Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred
Dalek Empire:
The Genocide Machine

The library on Kar-Charrat is one of the wonders of the Universe. It is also hidden from all but a few select species. The Doctor and Ace discover that the librarians have found a new way of storing data - a wetworks facility - but the machine has attracted unwanted attention, and the Doctor soon finds himself pitted against his oldest and deadliest enemies - the Daleks! 
This story takes place after the television episode "Survival" Starring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor and Sophie Aldred as Ace.
BBV audio adventures
An adventure in a strangely altered present-day London. With McCoy & Aldred

Island of Lost Souls
Takes place at a research station in World War II Greenland. With McCoy & Aldred

Prosperity Island
On a distant planet, Millanno, a villain from the past seeks domination. With McCoy and Aldred

The Left Hand Of Darkness
Solo Ace adventure (with a cameo by the Professor) about a blind, marooned Ace cared for by a mysterious stranger. With Aldred & McCoy. 

The Other Side
Solo Ace adventure (with a cameo by the Professor) about Ace's death and subsequent awakening in a limbo world. With Aldred & McCoy. 

Guests For The Night
The Professor and Ace engage in Hammer Horror-style antics in a mysterious castle. With McCoy & Aldred.

The Time Travelers, now having changed their names to the Dominie & Alice, become involved in a murder investigation. With McCoy & Aldred

Only Human
Secrets from Alice's past haunt her. With McCoy & Aldred


Blood Sports
Travelling on a luxury train, the travelers discover one of their fellow passengers is a killer. With McCoy & Aldred

Return of the Dominie, played by Sylvester McCoy.

Other (non-BBV)
Fly Me to the Moon
Death Comes to Time