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Animated Doctor Who
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Doctor Who is a children's TV series from the BBC featuring Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans and other monsters and aliens.
The Doctor, the main character of the television programme, travels through space and time via the time vortex in a Police Box.
Summaries, reviews and news on the new series of Dr Who, starring David Tennant and Matt Smith

Well, we've waited and now it's here. The newest animated Who to appear is called Dreamland and is set in Area 51.

The Infinite Quest
screens in CBBC's
Totally Doctor Who
5:00pm - 5:25pm

The Infinite Quest
020407 Episode 1
130407 Episode 2
270407 Episode 3
040507 Episode 4
110507 Episode 5
250507 Episode 6
010607 Episode 7
080607 Episode 8
150607 Episode 9
220607 Episode 10
290607 Episode 11
060707 Episode 12

Sorry, just couldn't get back to this. I hope you've all got the dvd by now!
The Infinite Quest

Episode 9

The Doctor and Martha find themselves within the prison planet. The Doctor is scanned and 2 billion years worth of sentences are served to him before he's shoved in a jail cell with an inhibited robot. Martha meets the governor who turns out to be an imposter. The real governor is the robot that the Doctor is incarcerated with. 

Episode 8

The Doctor and Martha take responsibility for the Mantisfid Queen's invasion, as Doctor Vile, so that the bugs aren't eradicated. The weapons seller gets killed and they grab the next data chip from his body and head off to an ice cold planet containing Volag Nog. 

Episode 7

The metal bug creature about to attack the Doctor turns out to be a pilot in a suit. They find out that the Mantis creatures actually invaded the planet. The Mantisfids decide not to pay the gun runner. Pilot Kelvin informs them that total disintigration of this 100 mile vector will happen soon. Everyone goes into a panic.

Episode 6

The Doctor and Martha get rescued by a lizard Gun runner supporting a bug war. The bugs above use sonic weapons while the Mantis Queen below is looking forward to interrogating a pilot. This has got to be the most visually exciting episode so far.

Episode 5

The Oil rigs attack the pirate ship and it crashes. The pirate captain forces Swab off the ship then faces the Doctor and Martha. She had an earring which contained the next key to finding out about the Infinite. Captain Calico escapes in a life pod but is killed (off camera) by Baltazar. The Doctor and Martha find the next puzzle in tracking down the Infinite and head off to find the third piece. They land on a planet which contains green swarming bugs, just like that X-Files episode!

Episode 4

Skeleton Swab thinks the Doctor and Martha are part of Oil Corp and attempt to save them but they tell him they're not. 
He has mutinied because Oil Corp promise him a new body. He orders the other oil rigs to fire on the pirate ship while the Doctor and Martha attempt to save Captain Calico.

Episode 3

The TARDIS lands on a planet with 3 artificial suns and some walking robot oil rigs in the 40th century. Suddenly they're lifted up by a pirate space ship captained by Calico. It turns out that she has a skeleton crew with laser swords and they plan to make them walk the plank. Finally, a great cliff hangar!

Russell says that we should expect to see a Prison Planet coming up in the next few weeks. Hmm. Will it be called, Desperus? (Dalek Master Plan prison planet, a thousand years later)

Episode 2

Not the best episode. The TARDIS is taken out of time by Caw, the robot bird, who then gives Martha a tracking device and the Doctor an ancient item that'll lead them to the Infinite. Baltazar will be following. This episode could easily have just been put together as a page with text at the beginning of episode 3. How about "Previously on Doctor Who. Caw has given the Doctor and Martha an ancient artifact that will lead them on a Quest to find the Infinite - a ship from the Dark Times. But they're unaware that the gift Caw also gave Martha contained a tracking device, and Baltazar will be following"

The Infinite Quest
Episode 1

The first episode of the Infinite Quest, a bit like a prologue, introduces us to the characters very quickly.

While Martha's animation seems to be on the money, the Doctor's animated character does not convey David Tennant's features very well at all.

The TARDIS lands on a hand burnished bird shaped ship captained by Baltazar, scourge of the galaxy - voiced by Anthony Stewart Head.

While a three and a half minute cartoon is probably only interesting to fans under 12, this prologue gives us a taste of what to expect from Freema's character in the future.

The witty and intelligent banter about converting all the carbon lifeforms in a plasma cloud on Earth into diamonds, and Martha's extremely quick understanding of some of the more elusive comments suggests that we'll be returning to the rocky ratings days of the Romana era.

While the viewers need a strong, intelligent character to help the Doctor think outside the box, they also need someone similar to themselves. So Martha can't be too smart or else several characters like Rose will have to make an appearance to keep the audience connected.

Baltazar, from the age of the Space Pirates methinks, snips the Doctor's gold spoon in half, knocking it to the floor and causing the metal eating mould impregnated in it to become active. Baltazar escapes with the traditional "I'll get you Doctor" as the Doctor and Martha disappear in the TARDIS. We get to see his fabulous ship completely destroyed.

For this introduction, 6 out of 10. Let's hope the Doctor's face becomes more recognisable as the episode progresses, otherwise I'll continue to mistake him for the character of the boyfriend in The Scream of the Shalka.


A number of animated Doctor Who stories have been made in recent years from the Scream of the Shalka to the two missing Invasion episodes. But there hasn't been a televised animated Doctor Who before, ever! (Streets Doctor Who Ice Cream ads don't count!)

This page will showcase and review the new animated TV series 'Doctor Who and the Infinite Quest' which will be screened in approximately 3.5 minute segments within Totally Doctor Who. As each 3.5 minute story has a recap, the entire story is estimated to only last about 44 minutes - a regular new series episode length. Rumour has it that the entire assembled episode will be played as a separate story after it has finished.

There are 13 episodes in all and, as well as voices supplied by David Tennant and Freema Agyeman, 

"The Doctor And Martha follow a trail of clues across wild and wonderful alien worlds, to find the location of the legendary lost spaceship, the Infinite," revealed Russell T Davies in a BBC news release.

The article goes on to say that Anthony Stewart Head will guest star as Baltazar - Scourge of the Galaxy.

It is written by Alan Barnes and directed by Gary Russell. Animation will be created by Firestep.

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